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      The Training Hub

      At Paragon Social Care we pride ourselves on the knowledge and understanding of our highly trained staff. We have partnered with The Training Hub to provide excellent training for our support staff on the following modules which are all refreshed annually; Fire Safety Children’s Homes, Health and Nutrition Childrens Homes, Fire Safety Childrens Homes, Health and Nutrition Childrens Homes, Self-Harming Behaviours Childrens Homes, Infection Control Childrens Homes, First Aid Paediatric Childrens Homes, First Aid Emergency Childrens Homes, Radicalisation and Extremism Childrens Homes, Manual Handling Childrens Homes, Health and Safety Advanced Level Childrens Homes, COSHH Childrens Homes, GDPR for Children Home Staff Childrens Homes, Food Safety and Hygiene Advanced Childrens Homes and Medication Advanced Childrens Homes.

      In-House Training

      In-house training by certified trainers includes the following modules which are refreshed annually; Safeguarding Children Level 2, Trauma Informed Practice, Introduction to Polyvagal Theory and Understanding Roles and Responsibilities/Expectations of staff.

      Physical Intervention Training

      Our in-house GSA accredited Physical Intervention Training is a 2-day course which is refreshed annually. The modules of this course are: Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) awareness & PBS planning, Stress vulnerabilities, Behavioural antecedents / triggers, Functions of behaviour, Trauma Informed Practice introduction, Autism awareness, Active Support / Body language, What is ‘Restraint?’, Legal Aspects / Legislative Acts, Human Rights Act, Psychological aspects, Positional Asphyxia, Ligature risks, Conflict cycle / Behaviour cycle, Staff attitudes affecting support / terminologies, De-escalation ABC – Atmosphere, Body Language, Communication, Physical Intervention plans, Health Risk Assessment, Breaks away / Physical Intervention